Inter-County Basketball Association

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Teams affiliated with ICBA will receive organizational discounted pricing.
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Organizational Meeting Checklist
Organizational Fee Due
$250 Payable to ICBA per Gender
Organizations Insurance Document
Copy of proper Insurance coverage
Organizations Insurance must include a rider
Naming ICBA as additional insured to policy
No Placements required league will place
Team Submission Meeting Checklist
Team Fee Due
$200 Payable to ICBA per Team
ICBA Roster Form
Medical Release Per Player
Birth Certificate
"Only for Newly Rostered Players"
ICBA Scheduling Template
Excel Template (Email Sched Template in Excel)
ICBA Grade Exception
ICBA Teams Head & Assistant Coach Contact List

PA State Background Clearances


Effective July 1, 2015 Pennsylvania State Law will require every volunteer working with children to obtain the following three security clearances.

1. Child Abuse Background Check (Directions)

2. PA State Police Background Check (Directions)

3. Signed Disclosure (Directions)

If you have resided outside of Pennsylvania at any point over the past 10 years, you will also be required to complete teh FBI figerprinting check. (for more information click here)

All Organizations will be required by ICBA to affirm their compliance with these laws and retain copies of all clearances for their volunteers.

(These Documents are valid for 5 Years)

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